Lawns have to be tough to withstand being walked on, mown and even rained on.   All of these can cause compaction, reducing the penetration of air, water and nutrients to the root zone.

To combat this I would recommend aeration. I carry out two types of aeration – solid tine and hollow tine. I check the compaction level and advise on the most suitable method.

Aeration is a process in which thousands of holes are created in the lawn’s surface, allowing air, water and nutrients better access to the roots.

Solid tine opens the soil without removing a core, causing minimal stress to the turf.   Hollow tine involves removing a core of soil, which I then rake up and bag for you; however, this can cause stress to the turf.

Aeration increases the rooting depth of grass, increases the rate at which the soil breaks down thatch and improves the effectiveness of fertilisation.   This treatment can be carried out at any time of year, weather permitting.