Fertilisation & Weed Control

Spring Treatment

At a time when we all despair that our lawns will ever recover from the ravages of winter, I can help restore both health and colour by applying organic, granular slow-release fertilisers to feed and support your lawn as it starts to grow again.   In addition a low temperature selective herbicide is very effective in combatting early weed development.

Early Summer Treatment

To help your lawn achieve a lush deep green colour I will apply a follow-up treatment of slow-release fertiliser, tailored to its exact needs.   A selective herbicide will target specific weed varieties.

Late Summer Treatment

It can be hard to keep the lawn fresh and green through into late summer, but a third application of either granular or liquid fertiliser should do the trick.   In some cases it may be wise to apply a further herbicide treatment to prevent the reappearance of particularly pernicious weeds.


An autumn fertiliser can be applied to boost colour and thickness and to encourage root development.


I do not rest on our laurels in the winter.   This is the time when I can focus my efforts on moss control and toughening up your grass to see it through to spring.