Lawn Treatment FAQ

When can my lawn be cut after a treatment?

We advise the lawn is not cut until 3 days after the lawn has been treated

Do I need to water the lawn after the treatment?

The moisture in the ground will help to be absorbed into the ground. In dry spells it would be beneficial but not essential

How does long it take for the weeds to die off?

The selective herbicide we use works on the systemic approach and kills the root system. It will take up to 2 weeks to kill off the weeds depending on the type of weed.

When can I go on the lawn?

Please keep off the lawn for a couple of hours after the treatment.

When can pets go on the lawn?

Please keep them off the lawn for a couple of hours after the treatment. If you have rabbits, Guineapigs, tortoises chickens please contact for us for further advice



The mowing blade should be sharp as a blunt blade will damage the grass.


We recommend the lawn is cut a height of 25mm to 32mm (1” to 1 1/4”) and no more than a 1/3rd of the grass length should be cut any one time.


Traditionally the mowing season is between April and October but the lawn can be anytime of the year as long it is growing. Avoid cutting the grass if the ground is waterlogged or frozen.

How Often

During the growing season, the lawn should be cut at least once a week. The helps the healthy growth of the grass.


During the hot dry spells, it is recommended the lawn is water heavily at least once a week to penetrate the soil rather little and often as this promotes shallow root growth. The watering should start before the ground becomes too dry and the grass turns brown.