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Lawn Scarification

Lawns will eventually get clogged up with dead and decaying organic matter (thatch), which will inevitably prevent vital water and nutrients from getting through to the roots which then requires lawn renovation.

Lawn scarification is the removal of thatch from the surface of the lawn using a mechanical scarifier. An added bonus of this is that it also provides an element of aeration, improving drainage and disease tolerance. The thatch is then raked out of the lawn and bagged for your disposal.

Lawn scarification should only be carried out when the grass is actively growing to allow it time to recover from the stress. Ideally, this should take place annually either in Spring or Autumn and can be followed up by over-seeding. Not only will over-seeding remedy tired, thin parts of your lawn, it also allows the opportunity to introduce stronger, drought resistant and shade tolerant varieties into your lawn.

Lawn Renovation – Moss Control

Most lawns will contain moss at some time or other, but you can reduce the spread by a few simple lawn maintenance steps.

Here in the UK we love our close-cropped lawns, but they provide the ideal environment for moss. Simply raising the height of your lawnmower blades will work wonders. As will regular aeration, cutting back of overhanging plants/trees and improved drainage.

Moss can be killed and even where the problem is severe, an area can be reclaimed. I will be happy to advise you on a suitable programme for your lawn.

lawn renovation Stroud
lawn renovation Stroud

Lawn Renovation – Aeration

Lawns have to be tough to withstand being walked on, mown and even rained on. All of these can cause compaction, reducing the penetration of air, water and nutrients to the root zone.
To combat this I would recommend aeration. I carry out two types of aeration – solid tine and hollow tine. I check the compaction level and advise on the most suitable method.

Aeration is a process in which thousands of holes are created in the lawn’s surface, allowing air, water and nutrients better access to the roots. Solid tine opens the soil without removing a core, causing minimal stress to the turf. Hollow tine involves removing a core of soil, which I then rake up and bag for you; however, this can cause stress to the turf.

Aeration increases the rooting depth of grass, increases the rate at which the soil breaks down thatch and improves the effectiveness of fertilisation. This treatment can be carried out at any time of year, weather permitting.

Top Dressings

Top dressing is a highly effective way of improving the soil beneath your lawn. The application of a mix of minerals, including sand, silt and organic materials, helps to reduce thatch levels and improve drainage. You will also benefit from improved soil structure and better water and nutrient retention.

Top dressing can be carried out throughout the year. I will be happy to advise you on the appropriate type of top dressing for your soil.

Lawn Thickening

Many of our customers complain that their lawns are too thin and as a result infested with moss and weeds. I can offer a lawn thickener treatment, which encourages the growth of lateral stems, leading to a thicker, healthier lawn.

An additional benefit of the treatment is a short term (approx. 4 week) reduction in lawn mowing.

The secret to a fantastic looking lawn is in the soil, and the grass roots that lie within. Anything that can be done to increase root mass will improve the look of your lawn; it’s as simple as that. Your soil contains literally billions of beneficial bacteria which work on the roots of your grass helping them develop and grow.

We can provide a soil conditioner treatment which increases the volume of bacteria in your soil, resulting in a significant enlargement of your lawn’s root mass, which in turn leads to a stronger and more resilient lawn.

  • It feeds the bacteria in the soil, increasing the root mass.
  • Helps the lawn to recover quickly from stress or drought.
  • Helps the lawn resist wear.
  • Strengthens the grass plants.
  • Can be applied all year round.

Growth Retardants

If you are not one of those people who loves to mow the lawn a growth retardant is the ideal treatment for you. This is a liquid treatment which blocks the plant growth hormone, enabling energy to be diverted to lateral growth.

This will improve thickness and root growth, leading to improved drought tolerance and better colour.

This treatment is ideal for holiday times. If applied before you go away you will not be greeted by a jungle on your return!

Worm Cast Control

Worms are great for soil. They create large channels that encourage gas exchange and allow water and nutrients to penetrate deep into the soil. They also act as a little aerator benefiting the soil structure and they actually help to decompose thatch.

However they do cause problems when they surface, normally in the wetter winter months. They produce casts, which are little heaps of soil that have passed through the worm. These casts tend to smear on the lawn’s surface covering the grass beneath them and creating the ideal seeding ground for weeds and moss.

I can provide treatments which will not kill the worms but will encourage them to remain in the soil and carry on doing their good work.

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During wet weather an area of exposed soil within a lawn may develop algae which looks like a green or blackish covering. Algae on a lawn are a symptom of poor drainage, or compacted soil.

Hollow tine aeration is recommended to reduce the compaction.


Lichens found on UK lawns are normally greenish-black or greyish leaf-like structures that grow horizontally in the turf. Similar to algae, lichens are symptoms of poorly drained, compacted soil.

Hollow tine aeration is recommended to reduce the compaction.

lawn maintenance Cheltenham

Lawn Greening

There are times when you may wish your lawn to look even better: a birthday, wedding or even a BBQ.   The weather and how the lawn is cut does have a big influence on how the lawn looks.   I can provide a treatment that will enhance the colour of the lawn, this can work very quickly and provide many weeks of enhancement.

Drought Management

Maintain your lawn’s lush appearance during warm sunny weather

We all love long, warm summers. But spare a thought for your lawn: like all plants your lawn needs water. If it does not receive it on a regular basis it will start to suffer from drought stress.

You can tell if your lawn is suffering, its lush green appearance will have given way to a brownish tinge and the leaves will start to wilt. If the warm weather continues it may develop “Dry Patch”, a disease which turns the soil hydrophobic and makes it actually repel moisture.

There is a solution; your lawn can be treated with a water conserver treatment which is a sophisticated blend of wetting, spreading agents and longer term wetting agents. These surfactants utilise the available water more efficiently encouraging water penetration into areas previously affected by dryness and “Dry Patch”.

Leaf Clearance

Autumn is one of the most important seasons of the year for your lawn; how your lawn is looked after in Autumn determines what it looks like in Spring.

As the nights draw in and your grass gets less sunlight it’s important to raise the height of cut so the leaf is longer and can absorb more of the dwindling sunlight, turning it into food via photosynthesis.

If any leaves fall onto the lawn it’s important to remove them as quickly as possible otherwise the grass under the fallen leaves will die and your lawn will develop moss over the winter.

If you need a hand with leaf collection please give me a call and I can arrange to collect your leaves and bag them for disposal, or I can take them away for a small fee.

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